Upper 6th Year Formal

Hello, everyone! :) It's been ages since I haven't posted something and I apologise for that. I have been very busy lately with things that are related to school. Anyways, we had our formal last 20th February 2014. I just want to share some of the photos and the foods with you :)

Our formal was held at The Culloden Hotel which is one of the most popular hotel in Northern Ireland. Everyone who came looked lovely! :) I'm just going to post few photos with my cousin and bestfriend because others might not want to be in my blog. So, yeah :) 

Our formal was organised very well and I have to day it looked very good especially this sweeties table! :)

We also had Photo booth and DJ.  Although, I have to be honest I didn't the DJ because of the music was very low .

Anyways, the most exciting part is the food! Haha. I loved the starter and main dish but didn;t really like the dessert. But overall, it was good :)

I have to apologise if I don't have detail photos of my dress and shoes as I didn't have photographer and I didn't have time to do a self-timer.

I did my own hair, nails and make-up and I had a good time. Hope you enjoyed watching this! :)

Take care.
xoxo, Xyza


  1. WOW LOVE YOUR DRESS :) Looked like a lot of fun and very well put together!

  2. Aw looks like you had an amazing time and wow what a dress x

  3. Wow, you guys all look so pretty and nicely glammed up! I hope it was a good time. All those sweets and food... looks scrummy. I'm not too much a fan of chocolate cake either haha. :)

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  4. Oh It looks like you had a great time. As always you look stunning! Love the red lip and your hair is beautiful. Lovely pics x
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    Renee x

  5. Look Gorgeous! And super yummy!! Thanks for sharing your photos xo Ellese http://rockpaperglam.com/

  6. You look adorable! Lovely hair you have <3

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