♥ Christmas Photos ♥

This is a very late post. But, hey, better late than never :P
I didn't take food photos of the food except the cake because I was lazy. I didn't even put make up on because we just celebrated it at home with my cousins and some of my Dad's friends. We called it Noche Buena where we had to eat at 12 midnight. I believe Jesus is the reason for Christmas :) Enjoy some of the photos.
From the left: Andy (Dad's friend's son)  Dad, Me, Mum, brother.

From Left: Baby Sebastian (Dad's friend's son), Dad, Bro, Me.

Auntie Elvie and I :)

From Left: Auntie Elvie, Me, Ate Bona, Mama

My cousin Vhem John and I :)

Mama and I :)

My cousin Reyn and I :)

Take care.
xoxo, Xyza



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